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Crystal Combing Cleanse

Healing crystals shaped into Hair Combs assisted by essential oils and natural herbs. As I glide the comb of your choice throughout your hair, you receive the energy of the crystal and release energy that no longer serves you bringing you peace, relaxation, and balance. You can either add it to a dry cut, a cut & style, or just a blow dry. $75


Nurture & Nourish

A treatment for your mind, scalp & hair.

This treatment is for you to just be.


Starts with A full body smudging, a crystal combout, Scalp Detox, an all natural scalp and hair oil infused with Essential oils, dried herbs and flowers. Finished with a blowdry or defused.  $111


Hair Cut

Wash cut & Blow Dry/Style



Curly Hair Cut

Intuitively curl by curl haircut and shaping for wavy to coils. dry cut , deep condition and style.



Lightening Services


Herbal Clay Scalp Detox

Holistic detox treatment for the scalp and mind. This treatment provides a gentle peeling for a deeper cleanse. Gently and effectively cleanses hair and scalp using 100% natural ingredients.


Much like caring for our farms, periodically, we must purify and strengthen the soil to restore harmony and balance - the scalp is no different!


Pair this in balance with the Moon cycle to increase effectivenes.



Transformational Haircut Ritual

Feeling a little stagnant in life? Feeling a little anxious and don’t know why? Feeling like you need change? Add a more intense transformation with a intentional and intuitive haircut that includes the Nurture and Nourishing Ritual.



Root Touch Up

Grey coverage or same or darker with an inch of regrowth or less.



Curly Cut Express

For returning clients only.

A quick dry cut for curly hair with out the wash and deep condition.


Any service that requires lightener.

balayage , highlights, ombré , bleach and tones, vivid bright colors.




Intuitive Therapeutic Massage

Guided by our Intuitive Massage Therapist, She hones in on areas of need to assist your body-mind in healing. Listening to the body and applying the perfect healing pressure and technique to allow the mind and muscles to release.


30 min-$45 | 60 min-$95 |

90 min-$135


Infant Massage Classes

Certified Educator and Instructor of Infant Massage.

The role of a Certified Educator of Infant Massage is to facilitate and enhance the loving relationship between infant and parents. Infant Massage is an ideal medium because it naturally encompasses all of the elements of the bonding process including eye to eye contact, warmth, scent, vocalization, skin to skin, responsiveness.

-quote by Vimala Mclure, Infant Massage USA

4 week class.


Call for more information


Abdominal Wellness

Abdominal massage

Focusing on the abdominal cavity and your internal organs, abdominal massage helps improve circulation in the sacral and pelvis area. It assists the digestive system and gut health promoting harmony to the immune system. Helps align the womb, pelvis and the ligaments back to the correct position.




Pressure is applied to the reflex zones on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands and other vital systems. This treatment promotes overall sense of health and well-being. You will benefit from improved circulation, detoxification, reduce tension. This treatment can be effective for back pain, migraines, digestive issues and the body’s ability to heal itself.



Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Prenatal- (12+weeks) so many benefits: reduces anxiety relieves muscle aches and joint pain. It improves lymphatic and blood circulation and change brought on by hormone shifts. It is important to nurture yourself while pregnant...for both mommy and baby.

Postpartum- regulates hormone levels as they are very high during pregnancy and decrease after delivery. Massage also reduces body aches from delivery and breastfeedings. Decreases body fluids (swelling) which increases during pregnancy and assists in better sleep.

$125 per session


Energy Balance & Massage

Restore the equilibrium of your body and mind. This specialized treatment brings balance by clearing up stagnant areas in your energy field through Chakra/Pranic energy work and massage technique. The healing art of energy work is practiced in many cultures around the world for stress reduction, relaxation, and promotion of healing.



Sacred Womb Massage

A sacred womb massage is beneficial while you are trying to conceive and preparing your body or undergoing IVF. Helps assist in hormonal balance, irregularity, painful periods and infertility. A Womb massage postpartum is very effective and powerful this treatment should be done on every mother after giving birth.


When not to have a womb massage

•If you have an IUD

•During your menstual cycle.

•In the 1st trimester of pregnancy •Within 6 week post vaginal birth or within 3 months post caesarean birth

Thank you for the GREAT massage. We are so grateful to you and for your gift of healing. 

Customer Review - Massage with Lorraine



Master Psychic & Tarot Readings

For more information or to book with Karie, please contact her directly.




Private Event Booking

Email us for more Information on booking your private event or workshop at Wyld Roots.


Wyld Gatherings

Enjoy our Sacred Space with up to 6 of your favorite souls for an amazing 30-minute massage and a fabulous blowout.

Bring your own snacks and beverages. We will provide the first bottle of your choice of Wine, Champagne or Rosé, or a non-alcoholic drink.

Email us for more information!

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